Monday, 28 September 2009

Well, It's been a pretty boring last couple of days. I've sort of just been hanging out and things like that. I had to take a test for an online class on Sunday, so that took a really long time. This week should be pretty fun. There are a couple of events planned for Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and I bought tickets for those. This past Friday we instituted "Friday Fajita Fest", in which our floor has a family meal of fajitas. It was a success. Attached are some pictures of the Fest. We plan to do it again this Friday as well. Also, we had some fun on the Wii a few nights ago. Probably one of the funniest videos in a while. Enjoy! Talk to you all soon!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

More pics

Land's End, which is the southern most point of England.
The streets of St. Ives. Wow these were some narrow roads.
Probably one of the most picturesque towns I've ever seen in my life.
Great view.
Here's another.

The Eden Project. It's an old china clay mining spot that was reclaimed. Biodome anyone?
Some of the peeps from the American crew.
Lots and lots of flowers were there as well.
The world's largest nut cracker. Also it must have been the world slowest one too. It took forever!

It's long due, but here's the blog.

Well, it seems like I finally stopped being lazy and decided to start blogging. I haven't really figured out the whole layout business on here yet, so bear with me a little bit in adding the pictures.
So far the trip has been amazing. I've been to Land's End, Cornwall, Newque(I think that's how it is spelled), and a lot of other spots. I've mostly just been wandering the streets of Cheltenham though. I'm told that Cheltenham has around 100,000 people in it, but it sure seems like they are all right around where I live. About 2 blocks from where I stay is High Street and the Promenade, which are the two large shopping areas in the town. It doesn't matter if it is a Monday morning or a Saturday afternoon, there are always a hoards of people out there shopping and looking around. Most people seem to be on a mission, and they usually walk extremely fast. Which brings me to another point. While there are lots of cars here, people seem to walk more, which I like.

Beautiful park/garden in Cheltenham

This is a door on the Francis Close Hall Campus

Our trip to Cornwall and Newque began with some relaxing on an ugly ledge.

But the view was a little nicer I would say.
We also went to a house with 50 rooms. It was huge!

I thought I'd get down with a questionable photo shoot. There is many more of these hahaha.

The town of Warwick(pronounced War-ick). Small streets and old buildings
I'm thoroughly scared at this point. This is on top of the tower. It was super windy up there!
Entrance to the castle at Warwick.
Yeah it's pretty much a legit castle.